Vulnerability Assessment

The best way to ensure the safety of your network is to identify and reinforce any weaknesses before an attacker can find and exploit them.

With thousands of hours of experience countering and responding to real-time attacks, Chiron's cyber warriors evaluate potential points of entry and prioritize threats based on severity. We go beyond just scanning for vulnerabilities. We systematically review your network configuration settings to identify weaknesses using commercial-grade exploitation tools. Our team also provides risk mitigation recommendations, making long-term improvements to network security systems.

Risk Mitigation Process

  • An audit of external network vulnerabilities to determine how someone from the outside could gain access to sensitive data and communications
  • An audit of internal network vulnerabilities to establish security measures to protect data from an on-site attacker
  • A virtual infrastructure assessment to determine potential network configuration errors
  • An assessment of data exfiltration threat and impact to ensure internal data is protected during a breach
  • A HIPPA security risk analysis for healthcare clients to ensure proper medical record regulations are met