Software Engineering

Chiron is a leading provider of systems integration and software engineering services to the military, major Federal, State and Local government agencies and Fortune 500 firms in the healthcare and financial sectors.

The success of our software projects is rooted in our reverse engineering development philosophy. With small, focused teams evaluating how the client will use, interact and make decisions with the end product we dream forward and engineer backward. We fully immerse our development teams into the user's experience and use our cutting-edge skills to create software that is built with you in mind - down to the smallest details.

We don't just envision the future. We create it.

Expert Software Engineers

Our software engineers are highly specialized experts with extensive familiarity and proven experience with a diverse range of environments, system architecture designs, prototyping, software platforms, tools and languages - all with a focused emphasis on the critical cyber missions that Chiron supports.

  • C, C++, JAVA & J2EE, AJAX, PHP
  • Web-service based, RESTful and SOA-compliant analytic solutions
  • Advanced technology analysis and development
  • COTS, GOTS, and FOSS selection and integration