Network Analysis

Chiron is proficient in technologies and processes related to Information Operations (IO). We provide guidance and first-hand insight into specific technologies and applications and have the capability to independently perform a variety of systems research, design, and integration tasks where specific subject matter expertise is necessary in areas such as media and network forensics, and Computer Network Operations (CNO). We also provide assistance to implementation teams during systems deployments.

Chiron's service delivery team is skilled in highly complex technical and engineering areas and coordinates with designers, developers and users to ensure effective solutions and functionality objectives are achieved. Ultimately, we architect new solutions for clients. Our staff, defines problems and analyze and develop plans and requirements in subject matter areas, including:

Additionally, we coordinate and manage the preparation of analysis, evaluations, and recommendations for proper implementation of programs and system specifications in the following areas:

Chiron also provides advice on specific areas of functional expertise in such forms as white papers, reports, briefings, technical specifications, and descriptions.