Chiron's Cybersecurity Model takes a 360 degree approach to cybersecurity, providing products and services in five key areas to address core needs - Detect, Identify, Respond, Protect, and Recover. This is a living, breathing model that promotes critical thinking, adversarial emulation, and evolving to emerging threats in real-time.

Having a clear understanding of your network's structure and potential points of entry is essential to protecting vital information from attackers. Chiron's team of highly experienced veteran network defenders provide customers with the training and services necessary to perform comprehensive risk assessments and sufficiently identify potential weaknesses in a company's system.

After identifying potential weaknesses in your company's network, it is essential to reinforce and secure these potential points of entry. Chiron's experience on the frontlines has given it a unique view of the other side of cybersecurity. With this experience Chiron can provide consulting services to best fortify any network.

Cybersecurity is a constant process. You can't just download the most advanced software and expect it to protect your information entirely. Software adds additional obstacles for the attacker, but can't keep the best at bay. Chiron takes a proactive and mission-driven approach to cybersecurity to be more efficient in detecting the adversary.

When an information security incident occurs, it is vital that an organization respond quickly and without hesitation so that it is able to effectively protect its operations, assets and individuals. Chiron creates risk analysis based on the mission criticality of the system and the impact the event had on a customer's mission.

Then, using incident response techniques, we take the data collected and provide recommendations for real-time solutions to the customer while providing risk management analysis to improve the ability of those protecting the asset against attack.

Once the appropriate response to an attack has been implemented, it's time to recover and ensure the attacker's point of entry has been sealed and that the victim's security systems are reinforced.

Chiron develops recovery plans and makes strategic recommendations through an organization's risk management process. We restore capabilities, critical services, and every day user activities by hardening systems, securing network holes, and eliminating vulnerabilities to mitigate the effects of future attacks.

The Chiron team works closely with organization's business practices and risk strategy as defined by the organization in a timely manner to minimize exposure of the incident.