With capabilities in Maryland, Georgia, and Texas, we are a veteran-owned company founded in 2004 to add value to government customers.

Chiron Technology Services, Inc. is guided by the simple principle that small teams leveraging agile processes and the right technologies can make customers more successful.

Our specialties reside in Cyber and Information Operations, Mobile, Wireless, Embedded Technologies, Software & Systems Engineering, functional gaming, technology prototyping, and App development.

Our experienced staff combines broad functional and mission experience along with deep technical expertise for the independent selection of the right COTS, GOTS, and FOSS technologies to solve complex problems.


Chiron's Mantra

Create the Future.

How authentically simple is that for you? This mantra guides us with what we do every day.

Pronunciation of & About our Name

Our name is pronounced "Kai-ron" - starting with a hard "K" sound as in "kite", rhyming with "pylon". Chiron was a mythological Greek centaur known for intelligence and creativity, and was revered for his teaching and tutoring skills.

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